Wood floor care: how to preserve the aesthetics of the floor.

The wooden floor is a very aesthetic and practical option for an apartment or house. However, if operated improperly, it can also lose its properties.  How to take care of parquet […]

Dirt and sand — enemies of beautiful wooden floor

Of course, this rule applies to all surfaces, but the wooden floor especially does not tolerate dirt. The matter is that small grains fall into the texture of the wood  and make cleaning more difficult.  Sand and dirt are carried over around the house and could scratch the parquet invisibly.  Over time, this action becomes more and more visible.

How to take care of parquet  buy a beautiful mat to the hallway to wipe your shoes. Even better if one mat is outside and the other inside the house.  It will only decorate the interior and save the wood from the need to fight dirt.

How to protect wooden floor from… furniture

Furniture legs, heavy tables and chairs, items on metal stands – all this can squeeze the floor and scratch the surface. It will be difficult to eliminate traces and scratches if you do not take this nuance into account.  Full sanding is a good solution in such a case.

To take care of parquet  make sure that all the furniture legs have soft lining. Ensure the legs  don’t  fall down.  This will allow protecting floor from minor mechanical damage.

Light flooring means often cleanings

Each color of the floor has its own strengths and weaknesses. Especially dust and scratches are visible on very dark and very light shades, because everything displays contrast appearance.  However, light wooden floors need more frequent cleaning, because they are more prone to wear and tear.

Wood floor care: proper cleaning

Let’s talk about how to clean properly, if you are lucky enough to have a wooden floor in the house. Stick to a few tips and enjoy the home comfort you created.

  • Only soft materials. Choose soft mop and brushes to avoid floor surface damaging..
  • Dry or slightly wet cleaning. The wooden floor is best matched by dry cleaning. Just apply a brush or a vacuum cleaner to all the areas and make this process regular. Only sometimes do a wet cleaning, but do not overdo it: Flooring dries quickly only if it is not too wet.
  • Say no to strong stain removal agents. Their effect can lead to the fading of the floor. So toning agents are a must!
  • Use special cleaning products. Wood floor care products provide gentle care and long-lasting cleaning effect. The floors covered with oil can be additionally treated with special satin oil.

Also do not forget about high-quality primary treatment of wooden floors. The catalogue presents best flooring made of exotic wood, covered with varnish, oil or wax.

Wood floor care: how to preserve the aesthetics of the floor.

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